Fixture Disposal


In-store POS can be an engaging, attention grabbing sales tool; but can also have a short life span, often ending up in landfill. As part of our commitment to the full lifecycle of our fixtures, we provide a colour coded sustainability guide; giving you the information needed to responsibly dispose of our fixtures.

  • A fully sustainable fixture comprising recycled and recyclable components.
  • Fixture constructed mechanically, meaning all components are easily separated for recycling.
  • Constructed using minimal different material substrates, for ease of un-assembly and recycling.
  • The carbon footprint of this fixture will have been offset to the point of installation, and the same can be achieved upon removal if required. To enquire about this email for a calculation and quote.
  • Some considerations have been made to introduce sustainable options where possible.
  • A fixture comprising some recycled or recyclable components.
  • Fixture may not be mechanically fixed together but can still be broken down at end of life, probably off-site.
  • Please dispose of responsibly and try to re-purpose where possible.
  • This fixture was designed for cost or speed efficiencies.
  • Manufactured from components that cannot be recycled without a specialist contractor.
  • Please try to repurpose, or dispose of as general waste if unavoidable.