Pick our brains, fine-tuned for retail

Because retail doesn’t come with instructions, it takes a special type of brain to know how, why and what works in real life.

altavia.hrg is built by people with these unique minds, formed through years of experience on thousands of briefs in every scenario imaginable.

If you were to look inside our brains, you’d find a potent combination of:


The type of knowledge that understands one size does not fit all. Every retailer works to different schemes, objectives, and shopper demographics. We stay in the know about what brands need to know, always.

Our brains have been pondering retail problems for longer than most.
For over 30 years, we have seen and conquered everything retail has thrown our way. This rare experience allows us to apply new thinking while avoiding potholes and pitfalls.


We stay grounded in reality. Unlike others, we never lose sight of life as it really is. We get under the skin of shoppers’ motivations, barriers, and behaviours with our real-world approach to retail marketing strategy.

We apply a healthy dose of logic to the way we work. Never losing sight of the pragmatic job to be done, everything we do is considered and with reason to keep briefs tight and projects on track.


We do not flounder in the face of retail restrictions. Instead, our imagination flourishes within them. We push the boundaries of retail creativity, visual excitement, clever copy and executional brilliance to make the most of every touchpoint.

We’re wired to operate at the pace retail demands. We get campaigns to market on time, every time by knowing when to slow down, when to think and plan, and when speeding up is critical to survival in retail.


Our FiveSightTM model puts our brain power into action. Find out more here.