Retail Roundup – March 2024

Providing on the ground insights from retailer-led events and brand-specific campaigns, to sales promotions and experiential activity.

March ’24 was buzzing with Easter excitement at the major mults!

Asda claimed to be the ‘Home of Easter’, but in our opinion their execution fell slightly short compared to the competition – both in terms of creative and comms visibility.

Cadbury’s Creme Egg, on the other hand, stole the spotlight with their eye-catching front of store display at Morrisons.
Shoppers everywhere couldn’t fail to notice Pepsi’s fresh new look hitting the shelves.

The Beer, Wine, and Spirits (BWS) category also got its fair share of attention, with many retailers hosting drinks festivals or offering volume discounts.

Tesco continued to roll out in-aisle branded bays, although with so many now to be seen, do they start to lose impact?
Also, this month, kudos to Waitrose for their commitment to sustainability via the dedication of a gondola end to B Corp brands and Morrisons with a thoughtful campaign and online zone for Ramadan and Eid, including recipe inspiration shared by the retailers’ colleagues.

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