Retail Roundup – May 2024

Providing on the ground insights from retailer-led events and brand-specific campaigns, to sales promotions and experiential activity.

May saw a surge in the use of floor stickers and hanging signage, highlighted by some impressive full-aisle takeovers. Persil’s particularly grabbed our attention.

With Summer approaching, both retailer and brand creative executions became brighter, with a significant focus on summer drinks, cocktails and spritz.

Sports-themed promotions appeared in many stores, supporting events like the Euros and the Olympics. Asda mirrored this trend online.

The ongoing disconnect between in-store and online shopping experiences was evident again this month, with the exception of Asda. Additionally, Sainsbury’s announced a 5-year partnership with Microsoft to use AI for enhancing both in-store and online shopping. We’re excited to see how this partnership evolves.

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