Retail Roundup Report – November ’23

Providing on the ground insights from retailer-led events and brand-specific campaigns, to sales promotions and experiential activity.

As the weather got colder, we saw the grocery multiples focus switch to Christmas with all retailers fighting for shopper spend. You know the festive battle has well and truly kicked in when the first Bailey’s 1 litre promotion lands, this year courtesy of Sainsbury’s.

We’ve seen BWS and confectionery dominate in-store theatre this year, but November saw chilled brands coming to the fore, using high level signage and floor media to inject some engagement into what can be challenging categories .

Floor media has been much maligned over the years, but we saw a resurgence across the mults and in different categories. Whether this is temporary or a sign of brands and retailers embracing some of the older, less loved tactics only time will tell.

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