How to grow a category by making it bloom

As a result of 2020 lockdowns, Evergreen and Homebase were perfectly positioned to capitalise on the growing number of green-fingered customers looking to improve their backyards, lawns and flower beds.

Driving growth into a category that is typically the least engaging of the gardening sector – Lawncare and Weed Control – needed a solution that was as practical and pragmatic as it was inventive, inspiring and commercially effective.


Our detailed groundwork included site surveys to understand the full retail estate and its nuances; examination of how shoppers were currently shopping the shelves; in-store health and safety considerations; and identifying where the creative production opportunities might lie within the restrictions of the aisle. For a retailer who prioritises functionality and safety, this behind-the-scenes knowledge was the difference between ‘good in theory’ and ‘works in reality’.


Working alongside Evergreen’s creative agency, our challenge was to breathe new life and vibrancy into the Lawncare and Weed Control bays at Homebase and make a range of products – perceived by customers as often being their least engaging garden tasks – standout, making them easy and appealing to shop for new and existing shoppers and simultaneously delivering an aspirational experience, rather than simply a necessary purchase.


Our POS experience and store knowledge were key in taking the chosen concept and bringing it to life. To ensure longevity of the POS we selected suitable materials that had a high-quality finish but were also hardwearing.

“A truly exceptional piece of work that’s market leading for the garden care category; delivered within tight time frames and on budget. The initial results are very strong and I’m excited to take the learnings from this and apply our concept to the wider Homebase estate next season.”
Geraint ThomasCustomer Marketing Manager


Pushing the boundaries of creative possibility, combined with our unrivalled production know-how, we delivered an unmissable and engaging fixturisation solution that was both fully compliant and highly effective. 3D acrylics, tactile flower walls, replica lawns and patios adored the otherwise dull aisle giving shoppers a reason to pause, interact and learn.

From brief to delivery, with two store trials before full roll-out, in less than 8 weeks, we created in-aisle theatre to delight customers and the retailer alike.


The potent combination of our retail pragmatism, shopper insight, creative inventiveness and production know-how delivered double digit growth in the 15 stores where the activation went live. The product lines also saw healthy growth: an increase in branded share of shelf by 12% for Weed Control and 9% for Lawn Care helped boost sales by +33% YoY and +29% YoY respectively.