Travel Retail

Moving brands for global shoppers

Global travel retail is a channel like no other. It’s the ideal environment to connect with a captive audience when they’re in a highly emotive state, create theatre and build brand equity.

But there are still rules. Lots of them.

More than getting brands into baskets

Global travel retail guidelines are as unique and complex as the varied travellers who walk through the airports each day. Regulations, restrictions, and security requirements – we’ve got it all mapped. For decades, we’ve applied our hard-earned knowledge to help brands navigate uncharted territory in the big, wide world of travel retail.

We deliver multisensory experiences and rich storytelling moments that build lasting memories. These valuable interactions can be triggered to drive conversion when the shoppers are back home in their domestic markets.

Our travel retail services

Duty free concessions / Concession master planning / Travel shopper insights and trends / Airport shopper journeys / Travel retail exclusives / Global travel retail production and implementation / Enriching travelling shopping experience